You've Heard About The PT Practice Accelerator - Now Here It Is! 

Are You:

  • Tired of the 80 hour work weeks?
  • Fed up with long hours?
  • Frustrated with stress and overwhelm?
  • Tired of the bad referrals referrals?
  • Faced with a staff not working productively?
  • Spending more and earning less?  


The PT Practice Accelerator is Your Gateway to Prosperity and Freedom. 

  • This program is an easy to implement proven roadmap to success.  
  • In fact, some PT practice owners have gone from $66k in the red to a 100k+ turnaround within a few short months!  

  • Imagine what it would feel like to choose WHEN you want to go to work, WHAT you want to do when you get there and WHO you want to work with. Not only will you benefit financially, you are also going to get your life back.  

"Within 5 months of starting the PTPA, and within 2 months of joining the Lighthouse Leader Program, we had grown by 100 visits - a 20% increase for us at that time.

The momentum and support emboldened me enough to sever ties with our largest referral source (a physician from whom we leased space) and pursue a new office buildout."

Shannon Murphy

The PT Practice Accelerator is a simple step by step plan that will help you:  

  • Generate consistent referrals
  • Hire great people
  • Create more free time
  • Make more money
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Create financial clarity using key metrics (KPI’s)

PT Practice Accelerator Success Path

Generating Endless Referrals

At the heart of all referrals are referral relationships between people. The better, more valuable the referral relationship, the more referrals are generated. We show you how to create and develop deeper, more meaningful relationships with existing and new referral sources. We teach you how to capitalize on opportunities using workshops, presentations and events to exponentially generate referrals to accelerate practice grow.

Creating an Amazing Patient Experience

What truly separates one practice from another, in the minds of patients, is the experience they have in our clinic. We show you how to create powerful patient experiences from the initial intake call, the patient evaluation, on-going visits, patient discharge, and post discharge follow-up. This results in better compliance, reduced cancellations and increased visits. It will have them telling their family, friends and doctors all about your clinic, increasing referrals that cost you practically nothing to acquire.

Hiring the Right People

The best way to scale your practice and reduce 60-hour work weeks, is by hiring great people. Using a proven hiring process can increase your chances of hiring amazing people to your team, AND reduce the stress often associated with interviewing and hiring. We show you a four-step process to recruit -> interview -> onboard -> train new hires for any position in your practice.

Building a Rock-Solid Team

Many PT owners have employees. Few have teams. The differences are HUGE! Building a cohesive team who can work together towards a common goal is essential to growing and expanding a practice. We teach strategies on effective communication, time management and organization allowing staff members to achieve personal success in their position, and successful growth of the company.

Creating Financial Clarity

Every practice owner deserves the utmost financial success for the risk they’ve taken and the value they’re providing to their community. Operation and financial metrics allow owners to have clarity in the business is running. We teach you the key metrics one needs to monitor to run your practice. We also show you trouble shooting strategies to quickly identify declining trends and problem areas, and strategies to fix them.

Invest in yourself, your clinic, your family, and in your life.  

"I was able to decrease my treatment time in the clinic from 4 days to 2 days which was always a goal that never happened until the program. Systems and processes were also established in my practice and is now so vital in my practice. In having stability knowing that actually my staff has a system to rely on. 

Skip the 10 years of trying and mistakes and fast forward the success!"

Karn Santikul

The PTPA is a program rooted in over 20+ years of research and development by Dr Jamey Schrier who is the Founder of Practice Freedom U, business training for physical therapists. He grew and then sold his multi-location PT business for a price often reserved for businesses quadruple the size. In 2013, he began teaching other PT owners how to grow and scale their businesses to achieve what he calls Practice Freedom.  

Each coach on our staff has received extensive training from Dr Schrier in real-world strategies and methodology, a sense of community, and coaching support to help transform the lives of his students, their families, and their staff.  

Here’s what you get:  

  • An 8 Week Masterclass ($4,997 Value)
  • Automate Your Practice Swipe File ($1,997 Value)
  • Delegation Time Saver Checklist ($997 Value)
  • High Performance Financial Dashboard ($997 Value)
  • Laser Focused Strategy Sessions (First 12 Only) ($3,330 Value)
  • Total Value = $12,318

With over 40 short, consumable training videos to optimize learning and implementation!  

  • And just to sweeten the deal, you will also receive a Workbook / Training Binder delivered directly to your doorstep (US only)
  • This binder Includes scripts (marketing to referral sources, selling cash services and programs, handling patient objections, running staff meetings, interview questions, patient reactivation), pre-done handouts (quality assurance check, job descriptions, offer letter, employee handbook), checklists (on-boarding new hires), excel spreadsheet financial dashboard (key metrics, pre/post performance indicators), and more.  

And you’ll get it ALL today for just ONE payment of 1997

$12,318.00 value for just 1997!  

Less than you might spend in one month training yet another staff member that won’t stay or a high priced consultant that tells you what to do but not how to do it.


Think how much it is costing you every day that you don’t take action. This program has been proven time and time again to work for hundreds of PT practice owners just like you.  

Be sure to move fast as we only have the capacity to assign coaches to the first 100 customers.  

P.S. The PT practice accelerator program, developed over 20 years by Dr Jamey Schrier, and has been proven to help PT practice owners just like you double patient volumes and maximize profits. Act NOW if you want to be connected to an intuitive teacher and a group of entrepreneur therapists who are positively changing the way their practices runs and achieving their lifestyle dreams.